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The NW Deal Finder Facebook group is where you will get your Independent Contractor Agreement (which you need to sign to get paid), and also where you will get access to Profit Drive (the app we use to track your properties).

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What do I do now?

Once you have added the Profit Drive app, you need to agree to the terms and conditions of being one of our Deal Finders.

It is pretty easy, we will be emailing you and texting you a link.  You just need to esign it.

If you do not sign the agreement, we will never be able to pay you for your deals, so please make sure you get that done!

Right now, you have access to some of our resources. If you are the type of person that wants to be more "hands-on" in deals and you want to develop into a real estate professional, please reach out and communicate with us on Facebook and via text message.


Great Question! I am glad you asked.

We have another program called and with that you may advertise for us and make money PASSIVELY.

How does it work?

Start the sign up process below. Once we complete your enrollment, you will be assigned a UNIQUE phone extension and every home we buy that uses your extension will make you $500.

Why is it less than the Deal Finder program?

Driving around, looking for properties to add to the software, and adding them is an ACTIVE way to find sellers.  You have to work, so it pays more. Putting the sticker on your car and waiting for the phone to ring is PASSIVE, so it pays less.

However, we will also pay you to help us add more drivers to our team. When a driver mentioned you as the person who referred them, when their car generates a deal, we will pay you $250.

You could have an army of drivers making you money!

Our Back Window Marketing program is not required. However, if you are interested, you can start the sign-up process below.

Would You Like to Make PASSIVE Income Driving Your Car Around as Usual?

Back Window Marketing Make Money With your Car
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